Picking a Theme for Your Nursery

Picking a Theme for Your Nursery

28th Jul 2014

It is believed that colors can affect the moods of a person. This psychological effect applies to both grownups and children. In the same manner, a baby who is a few months old, is beginning to r … read more

Home Decor: Designing a Studio Apartment

21st Jul 2014

A studio apartment is a room which is composed of a sleeping area, cooking area, and dining area. Basically, all these areas are put together in just one area. However, the bathroom has its own door a … read more

Must-Have Home Decor Items for Your Guest Room

9th May 2014

Aside from the basic stuff, there are other things you can add to transform your plain guest room into something exceptional. If you have experienced travelling far and stayed with a friend’s house … read more

A Whole Lot of Bedroom Decorating Ideas

14th Nov 2013

A Whole Lot of Bedroom Decorating Ideas The bedroom is probably your most favorite place in your house. It is one of those rooms that you can really relax comfortably. Here, you are most at ease with … read more