Outdoor Decor: Curtains for Gazebo

15th Nov 2014

Those people who are lucky to have an outdoor space usually incorporate different yard decorating ideas. Probably the most popular and wonderful outdoor decor ideas are the gazebos. A gazebo is a free standing pavilion structure that is useful for unwinding in the garden, with a little privacy. Many other freestanding structures such as rotunda, alambra, folly, pagoda, belvederes, kiosk, pergola, and so on, can also be considered as gazebo structures. Their installation is not a difficult job. In fact, even a layman can do it very easily. You can enhance their beauty by putting some attractive curtains.

Outdoor Decor with Curtains

  • It is easy to embellish a gazebo in the most imaginative and simple way, by choosing inexpensive and natural outdoor cover ideas.
  • You may use arbors to conceal three sides, then cover the opening with lovely curtains. You could use roses, orchids, and other aromatic floral vines, or evergreen trellis to create the arbor.
  • You can even use waterproof sails to produce a distinctive kind of covering. These are considered to be ideal for a gazebo that has a fireplace inside.
  • Another appealing design are the netted window treatments. They can be mounted on different structures, whether they are made of wood, bricks, stones or screens.
  • Installing Camelot Gazebo Curtains

    These designs are replaceable, hence ideal to use on occasional times. They could be utilized for a wedding reception, children's birthday celebration, backyard party and other social gatherings. They are made from sturdy and water-resistant materials such as canvas, and are available in a variety of designs and colors. They are also very affordable and beautiful. But, you should not opt for them if you are planning to incorporate plans with a spa, hot tub, pond, a small swimming pool or other permanent add ons inside the structure.

    Some favorite colors for outdoor decor curtains are sheer white, stark white, beige and white, light green, sheer light blue, light orange, ivory, royal blue, blue, and many others. Additionally, go for materials which are waterproof and resistant to color fading, mildew and mold. Some other preferred materials are vinyl-coated and duck-coated sheers.

    Their costs are quite affordable especially if you are setting them up on your own. On the other hand, if you wish to use outdoor decor curtain replacement types, which come with coordinating curtains as well as canopies, then you should need to pay for more.