Installing Accent Outdoor Lighting

22nd Dec 2014

Accent outdoor lighting is not merely installed for enhancing a home or perhaps an object, but it may also be used for security purposes. It is as essential as home lighting. People can use it for overall security and safety of their homes, municipal parks, schools, big companies, or also on the roads. The main architectural elements of your house could be highlighted through it.


  • For your lawn, choose low voltage ones like 12 volt bulbs rather than 120 volts. They can be easily installed by anyone, just by reading the instructions provided on the manual of the kit.

  • The outdoor Lighting of your garden can be spectacular, especially if it is planned ahead of time, and advice is sought from a professional.

  • Many commercial establishments have a unique layout, and you will spot them through the surrounding structures. Outdoor accent lighting will be able to emphasize the building structure in a good way.

  • Solar lights are kind of new in the marketplace, but have become popular very quickly as they do not have any maintenance cost. Use solar bulbs to brighten your pool, driveway and lawn.

  • Installation

  • If you wish to include even more lights, you will need components, including cables and transformers that match the kind you plan to set up.

  • The transformer must be 1 foot above the ground and 1 foot far from the outlet source.

  • The transformer is usually available with a manual switch or a solar cell or with a timer.

  • If you opt for a solar cell transformer, be sure it gets a sufficient amount of sunlight to have it charged. There are weather proof cover for transformers readily available in supermarkets that you can use.

  • The more number of lights you put in, the longer the cable will be needed. Get a cable that has a higher level of resistance.

  • Only use press-on connectors that easily fit in the cable Purchase weather resistant ones, if you want the connectors to last for very long.

  • Almost all outdoor lighting systems come in kits which include the directions provided for the installation.

  • You can decrease or increase the lights according to your preference.

  • Find the right spots and bury the cables for about six inches down to prevent any damage to them.

  • You should always maintain equal distances between the lights to produce less resistance.

  • These are simple ideas regarding outdoor lighting as accents in order to make your property sparkle with these lights.