How to Decorate With Modern Rugs

24th Nov 2014

Whether it is for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, foyer or patio, you can put a rug anywhere you want to. Modern rugs can transform the look of any space in your house. But with so many designs, materials, shapes and colors available, picking the right rug feels like a difficult task. And even if you find a beautiful-looking rug, you may not have a clue how to decorate a room with it. Below are some decorative ideas using area rugs.

Home Decor Ideas With Modern Rugs

  • If you are planning to put the rug at a place that is frequented by many people more than usual, it is recommended that you select a rug crafted from durable materials. Woolen rugs are better in quality when compared to the synthetic rugs.

  • When it comes to adding a rug for a particular room, look around thoroughly. Do you think that the room already has many colors and patterns due to its upholstery and wallpapers? Putting an intricately designed rug in the room will make the space look chaotic. Also, go for a rug with tiny patterns if you have a small room to make the area appear bigger.

  • For a big room, a good concept is to separate the place in two by putting two rugs. For example, if you have a big bedroom, place the area rug at the front of the bed. In the very same room, you can place a stylish rug to your reading space.

  • If you have a lovely lamp or an accent table, simply put a small rug underneath it in order to attract attention to it. One style that is gaining popularity is to hang modern rugs on the walls to act as a wall decor. You may consider this option, if you wish to experiment with your interior design a bit.

  • Do not put the rug right on the floor. Use an underlay and place the rug over it. This prevents the wear and tear on the rug, and it helps absorb the noise within the room.

  • Using rugs can conceal any sort of imperfections on the floor. An attractive rug can hide a floor that is broken, faded or stained.

  • Maintaining a rug is quite essential as soon as you have positioned it on the floor, to ensure that it retains its newness for a long period.