Hanging Wall Mounted Mirrors

12th Jan 2015

One of the ways to add a stylish and unique touch of personality to the rooms in your home is to put in decorative wall mounted mirrors. These reflective pieces of art will show your creative side to the room where you hang them. With a variety of styles, sizes and shapes, there is a possibility that you can find one to go with the decoration of any room in your house.

One of the widely preferred mirrors is the framed big rectangular mirror. Typically, these frames are made of wood. But, you can find intricately framed in cowhide, turquoise, mother of pearl, and various other unique materials. Framed wall mirrors create an effect of being larger than they actually are. The cost of these decorative mirrors differs according to the quality, size and frame. Custom-made mirrors are usually high-priced due to the work involved.

When choosing a framed wall mounted mirror, make sure that the framing complements the other decorations in the room. For example, if the room has strong or bold furniture pieces, opt for a mirror that has a heavy type of frame. You can paint wood-framed decorative mirrors in a similar shade to that of your wall as it provides a feeling of a larger space. Some of these wood-framed mirrors feature elaborate designs, which may be carved into modern patterns.

Wall mounted mirrors include a piece of crystal clear glass that is coated with lots of silver and copper layers and also paint sealer. It must remain dry, other than when you are cleaning them. You need to use alcohol, vinegar or warm water to clean the mirror. If you use a commercial glass cleaner, do not spray it on the wall mounted mirrors, instead use a soft cloth to squirt the cleaner then use it on your mirror.

Once you have explored all the variations in the market, and you have made your selection, you need to be sure that when you install your mirror that it is done properly. Remember to do your homework as to how to safely mount them on the wall. You do not want to enter into a room and find your wall ruined, or your mirror cracked on the floor. It is very important to take the necessary steps when hanging wall mounted mirrors on your walls. When installed the proper way, you will not need to concern yourself with any accidents from happening.