Decorating Your Home with Bird Cages

5th Jan 2015

Bird cages make an amazing addition to your interior decoration. They can give that personal touch that your visitors will remember when they have gone to your home. Many of them are especially made for use at weddings, and some to house a pair of doves for a short moment all set to release at a wedding, some to carry wedding cards, and a few to use as centerpieces on tables.

These are commonly painted in white, or are made from metal, or something designed to look vintage. The white ones in particular, look lovely. It is like looking at some elaborate architecture. You can find a type of bird cage which is designed to look like an eastern architecture, Venetian, a sort of Taj Mahal look, distinctly Victorian, etc. There are some that have the appearance of a conservatory or a church. And, there are some bird cages that resemble a carousel. There are also Chinese bird cages, which can bring an oriental charm to your home decor, with their shapes and elegance.

Remember that no matter how you use your decorative bird cage for, either for flowers, plants or for wedding decoration, you must not use it to house a bird. It is actually not the space inside it, it is not the lack of feeding bowls and perches. In fact, it is the paint that is used on these cages. If the cage was created strictly for home decoration, there would be no reason to make sure the paint was non-toxic, which being the case if a real bird was put in the cage, it would peck the paint off and make the bird unwell if it ingested some of the particles.

There are a lot of attractive cages designed specifically for real birds. It is not necessary at all to use one created exclusively for decorative purposes. If you wished to see a bird inside your cage, you can get a model bird for it. It could look equally as amazing as a decoration. You would not have to wash it out, or keep filling water and food. You will have the enjoyment of seeing a bird minus the chores related to a real bird.

When it comes to bird cages, there are some materials to select from such as weathered wire, wood, bamboo rattan, brass and wrought irons. These selections helps it to be easy for you to find the one to complement your home decor.