Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

23rd Oct 2014

Sometimes, it is not really in our hands to select the size of our houses, but we can do something to make them look larger than they are truly are. A few bedroom decorating ideas here and there can make any kind of room in your home appear bigger in dimensions. A lot of people are interested on how to make a small bedroom look more spacious without exerting much effort.

Actually, it does not need a great deal of effort to make your place look bigger. But, many people decide to hire professionals because they do not have the time to do all the necessary works, or simply because they trust the judgment of the experts more than their own. In either case, the job has to be carried out, and it will be accomplished better, if you understand a little bit about home decor. Here are some information on how to improve the look of your room when it comes to size.

Techniques on How to Paint The Bedroom

The color palettes you pick for the bedroom are extremely important. Regardless of how effectively you plan the design of the bedroom, if you select an inappropriate paint colors, you will have a room that will look smaller than it should be.

There are three items you should always consider when painting the bedroom. First, apply nude, natural or light shades. Second, paint the ceiling a tone lighter than the color of your walls. A darker color gives the effect of a ceiling closing in, on the bedroom. Third, the paint colors should be lighter than the decorations of the room. Darker paint colors create a claustrophobic ambiance, and would make the room appear smaller.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas on How to Style the Flooring

When you want the area to appear bigger, wood is the best option as flooring. By using wide floorboards made of light wood, the room gets a sense of opening up. If you are using a wallpaper, make sure it matches with the flooring. Wallpapers with light, simple patterns also look wonderful. A slightly dark shade would look great if you have a nice natural lighting at home.

If you have a new home, the bedroom decorating ideas should start with the painting first. Do not forget to use pastels as these colors will make the bedroom look larger. Plan the entire area before you begin with the interior. With the help of these bedroom decorating ideas, your place can look as big as you would like it to be.