Banksy Inspired Floating Balloon & Girl

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Banksy Inspired Floating Balloon & Girl

  • Simple to apply
  • Bring your wall to life
  • Completely removable
  • No adhesives required
  • Completely removable and no residue is left behind
  • Each decal has invisible edges so they can be applied to any colour background
  • Designs are individually cut, so you can create your own arrangements
  • Go on any smooth flat dry surface

Measurements: 34cm x 120cm


  • Please allow 6-8 weeks on a newly painted surface to complete dry
  • Example images for illustration purpose only, please refer to the actual size sheet.
  • Colour (the actual colour may vary slightly due to individual monitor setting)
  • Dusty; rough; textured; oily; moisture surfaces will not be as effective.